Classical Italy

Classical Italy where history and civilization

Duration: 5 days and 4 nights

Validity: 02-09-2019 To 10-20-2021

Price: starts from 2800 QR

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    Classical Italy where history and civilization
    Duration: 5 days and 4 nights
    Price starts from QR 2800 per person
    Double sharing room
    The price changing depending on the time of booking

    Day Description
    01 Arrival Transfer
    02 Rome City Tour
    03 Rome - Florence
    04 Florence - Venice
    05 Departure Transfer
    Our Quote Includes: -
      -  Terms of Europamundo: Travel by bus with English speaking guide, basic travel insurance, and breakfast buffet.
      -  Includes arrival transfer
      -  City tour in: ROME, FLORENCE, VENICE
      -  Boat: Vaporetto along the canals in VENICE
      -  Evening transfer: Trastevere in ROME, Via Cavour in ROME
      -  Ticket admission: Coliseum in ROME, Saint Mark´s Basilica, Murano Glass Factory in VENICE
    The Above Cost Does Not Includes: -
      -  Anything which is not mentioned in itinerary

    Special Notes: -
      -  This package is available only on english speaking guide.
      -  HOTEL
      -  Exact hotel name shall be given 48 hours prior to the arrival date .
      -  NOTE
      -  These are affordable “Value for Money” packages
      -  CHANGES
      -  Changes made to a confirmed booking prior to the start of a trip and more than 10 days before departure (changes to arrival or departure date, change of tour, etc.) are subject to a penalty equivalent to the processing fees that are listed in the cancellation section.
      -  The services provided by Europamundo are overland. They start at the time when the customer receives the first service provided by our company (always following the border and customs formalities), and end when the customer receives the last scheduled service (transfer, breakfast or the corresponding service, according to the purchased package). Europamundo is not responsible for the consequences or circumstances arising from services that are not provided by our company (flight disruptions, loss or damage of luggage on flights, problems at borders/customs or those related to personal documentation, etc.).

      -  All passengers must bring their valid documentation (passport, visas, health certificates, etc.), with the problems and disadvantages that may arise from non-compliance with this norm being their full responsibility. The interruption of the services taken out is not considered “Cancellation for force majeure” where the passenger is not carrying the required documentation or in instances where the traveler is denied passage through any border for this reason. It should be pointed out that we often note that the European border authorities deny transit to passengers who they believe have acquired the trip for purposes other than tourism (immigrants). Europamundo cannot undertake any arrangements or make any reimbursement for services that cannot be used in such cases. Cancelling a tour before it starts due to a rejected visa application is, however, considered to be through force majeure (provided that this is documented or noted in the passport, and that we are notified within 72 hours following the refusal).
      -  The luggage allowed for each passenger on our tours is limited to a maximum of 30 kg per person (note airlines and trains have their own limits, normally lower, to be respected). Europamundo may refuse to accept excessively bulky luggage. Europamundo is only responsible for the luggage, one piece per person and with the limits of the insurance policy included, when it is travelling inside the coach trunk (not allowed to leave it inside overnight). The passenger is fully responsible for its luggage during the entire journey except in the above mentioned case. We recommend keeping personal belongings such as basic and important documents (passaport,…), money, jewelry, electronic items or valuables in the safety boxes of the hotels, most of the time existing in the rooms, sometimes in the Reception. Europamundo will not accept any liability for the loss or theft of luggage occurring at the hotels nor responsibility for the loss or theft of the above mentioned belongings even when this occurs in the rooms of the hotels or if the items have been deposited in the safety box. In the event that passengers travel with luggage that has a higher value than is covered in the included insurance policy, we recommend making a declaration for these items before starting a tour and purchase an extra insurance policy.
      -  In countries where our catalogues publish the prices of European circuits in USD, the published prices were calculated at the prevailing exchange rate at the time the catalogue was created (November 2017) and these will not be modified if the average monthly exchange rate the month before the date in which the booking was made, was not less than 1,10 USD / EUR and not more than 1,29 USD / EUR. In the event of variations above or below the specified values, the prices of this manual will be altered (increased or decreased) in the same proportion.
      -  TRAVEL INSURANCE - Travel with complete peace of mind
      -  Europamundo has taken out travel insurance with Europ Assistance to cover all of its passengers. The policy comes into effect on arriving at the destination, at the start of the services with Europamundo and it expires when the circuit arranged by our company has ended. Consequently, it does not include incidents during flights or stays before or afterwards that have not been booked with our company. Detailed information on the General Terms and Conditions and exclusions of the policy is available here and on My Trip or it can be requested from Europ Assistance España S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros.
      -  Procedure to follow: in the event of requiring assistance, contact the guide so that he/she can start the formalities. If this is not possible, contact the insurance company directly so that it can provide the assistance. The 24-hour centralised assistance office telephone number of EUROP ASSISTANCE is:
      -  Telephone: (+34) 915949653
      -  Guarantees Cover
      -  Medical expenses (excess amount of €50 per claim, payable by the insured person). 3.000 €
      -  Dentistry expenses. 60 €
      -  Extended hospitalisation due to illness or accident. €80/day. Max. 10 days
      -  Transfer of sick and wounded persons. Unlimited
      -  Transfer of mortal remains. Unlimited
      -  Return of accompanying insured persons. Unlimited
      -  Sending of medicines abroad Included
      -  Travel of one person to accompany the hospitalised insured person. Unlimited
      -  Accommodation and allowances for the person accompanying the hospitalised insured person. €80/day. Max 10 days
      -  Return of the insured person in the event of the death of a relative. Unlimited
      -  Search for and location of luggage. Included
      -  Sending of urgent messages (arising from guarantees). Included
      -  Loss, damage and theft of luggage. €30/ item Max. €300
      -  Delayed luggage attributed to Europamundo exceeding 12 hours. 100 €
      -  Accident insurance – death caused by an accident during trip. 2.500 €
      -  Accident insurance- disability caused by an accident on the trip. 6.000 €
      -  This insurance has limited cover and does not include important aspects such as electronic equipment, loss, theft, breakage or minor damage (handles/ scratches/ wheels) to luggage, cash, jewels or valuable goods, even if they are in hotel rooms / ship cabins. If your luggage is worth more than the inclusion cover, we suggest you declare it before starting the tour and take out extra insurance that provides additional cover.
      -  Europamundo declines all responsibility in cases in which the insurance company considers that the policy does not cover the expenses claimed by the passenger, regardless of the reasons.
      -  Europamundo advises all its clients to take out additional insurance with additional cover than the one included in our tours. Please ask your travel agent.
      -  In the event that an emergency arises during the tour, the passenger should inform as soon as possible the accompanying tour guide. Furthermore, Europamundo provides a 24 hour emergency telephone service according to the destination country for urgent and important matters, which passengers can use, and details can be found on their voucher. Non urgent matters will not be dealt with on these calls, and nor will they respond to questions that do not relate to emergencies en route (reservations, rates, questions about availability, etc.).




    Cancellation Policy: -
      -  Europamundo cannot treat any reservation as cancelled while the online cancellation has not been completed. The travel agent will check the receipt of the final cancellation that will arrive from Europamundo following the online cancellation, ensuring that all the details specified are correct. The customer may cancel the requested or booked services at any time, whereby they are entitled to a refund for the paid amount, but must compensate the agency, except in cases of force majeure, as per the following: The processing costs plus the cancellation cost, if these have been incurred, once the journey has been confirmed by Europamundo and regardless of the departure date.
      -  At time of booking confirmation: Euro 100 or equivalent in Indian rupee.
      -  Before departure Cancellation fee Penalty
      -  31 days or more Euro 100 Nil.
      -  Less than 30 days Euro 100 + 10 % of basic land tour component
      -  Less than 10 days Euro 100 + 25 % of basic land tour component
      -  Less than 3 days Euro 100 + 35 % of land tour component
      -  Less than 1 day + 100 % of land tour component
      -  No shows at the start of the trip, without prior cancellation, will not be entitled to any refund (except force majeure cases, which will be examined on a case by case basis).
      -  Different cancellation conditions apply for some programs (circuits that include train / airplane / cruise) and during particularly difficult dates (fairs, special events, periods involving increased hotel booking difficulties).
      -  The representative operator may, in turn, charge for the processing fees that have accrued in accordance with the provisions of the laws in the country where the sale occurs.
      -  In the event that the cancellation prior to the trip is produced by justified and demonstrable cases of force majeure, only the costs of processing and services that cannot be cancelled will be charged, as well as the costs that must be absorbed by other suppliers (transfer on arrival, hotel in first city stay in the absence of prior notice, etc.). We recommend buying an insurance policy with the company of your choice, covering the cancellation costs in all cases.
      -  In the event that, during the tour, a customer has to cancel their tour for reasons of force majeure, they will be entitled to a refund proportionally to the paid amount / time not used. The processing fees and expenses incurred will be charged in all cases. In order to calculate this amount, only the services provided by Europamundo will be taken into account (excluding the sectors undertaken by air, except on those tours that have flights included), and the refund is made on the amount charged by Europamundo to the tour operator (which is therefore subject to a deduction for the commission paid).
      -  In instances where, following the withdrawal or cancellation of any passenger en route, the category of room occupancy is reduced (from double to single, or from triple to double), the difference in the cost of this, if applicable, will be passed on in the amount owed to the customer that has cancelled.